Climate change impacts on cultural heritage: Facing the challenge

Followup-Coordination Unit

In order to support, inter alia, the work of the Flexible Mechanism, the Greek Government, by Decision of the Prime Minister, established a Coordination Unit, hosted at the Academy of Athens. The Coordination Unit is made up of distinguished scientists and experts in the field of the Greek initiative and it serves also as a contact point for all states and International Organizations that officially support it.


Kremlis George
Advisor to the Prime Minister on Environmental Issues


Zerefos Christos
State Representative for Climate Change

Synolakis Costas E.
Chair of the Greek National Committee on Climate Change

Kartalis Constantinos
Chairman of the Working Group of the Ministry of Culture on “Climate Change and Cultural Heritage”

Loupas Ekaterini
Coordinator of the Organization Committee of the International Conference on the Impacts of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage


Gerasopoulos Evangelos
Research Director, National Observatory of Athens

Gadolou Anastasia
Archaeologist, Ministry of Culture

Konsta Dimitra
Project Manager, “LIFE-IP AdaptInGR”,
National Environment and Climate Change Agency

Poupkou Anastasia
Researcher, Academy of Athens

Potts Andrew
Coordinator of the International Council on Monuments and
Sites’ Climate Change and Heritage Working Group (CCHWG), ICOMOS

Vitti Paolo
Professor, Board Member of Europa Nostra

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