Climate change impacts on cultural heritage: Facing the challenge

Paolo Vitti

Vitti Paolo

Architect and historian with over thirty-five years of experience in the study and conservation of cultural heritage sites. He is presently hold teaching appointments in Italy, Greece, USA and Morocco. He regularly teaches at University of Roma Tre, Rochester University (NY) and Notre Dame University (IN).

He is Board member of Europa Nostra and Scientific Council member of the Istituto Italiano dei Castelli. His work includes collaboration with National and International Institutions, in the academic and professional field.

He is currently supporting UNDP in the Restoration project for Maqam en Nabi Musa at Jericho. Previously he has designed the Restoration of the Armenian Church and Monastery in Nicosia-Cyprus (European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Award 2015) and the restoration of archaeological sites in Italy and Greece.

He has been part of the Europa Nostra 7 Most Endangered missions in Armenia and Albania.

His research on Roman Vaulted construction in the Peloponnese has been awarded the GRAND PRIX of European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Award (2014) and the 17th «L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER  international award for archaeology.