L’ Impact du Changement Climatique sur le Patrimoine Culturel: Relever le défi


Journée 1.
CCICH 2019, June 21, Zappeion Megaron, Athens, Greece

Adresse de bienvenue:

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Markos Bolaris introduced
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Georgios Katrougalos
His Eminence Metropolitan of Pergamos, Ioannis

Chief of Protocol, Ambassador Dionysios Kyvetos introduced
Alternate Minister for Research and Innovation, Mr Konstantinos Fotakis, and
Alternate Minister for Environment & Energy, Mr Sokratis Famellos
Ms Myrto Digoni, delivered the message of Placido Domingo, President of Europa Nostra


President of the Conference’s Scientific Committee, Professor Ch. Zerefos:
“Manmade climate change and its impacts on cultural heritage”

Professor J. Luterbacher:
“Historical Climatology as an important discipline to study past climate, extremes and natural hazards and their impact on society and cultural heritage”

Professor P. Zanis:
“Challenges of regional climate change over the Mediterranean – The added value from Regional Climate Models (RCMs)”


Professor V. Argyropoulou:
“Climate Change and Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean Scenery”

Doctor J. Leissner:
“How to use climate models and building simulation to assess the impact of climate change on historic buildings and art collections”


Doctor M. Vlazaki – Andreadaki:
“Manmade activities and their impact on monuments: The Acropolis case”

Professor A. Vafeidis:
“Sea-level rise impacts on the Mediterranean UNESCO World Heritage Sites”

Deputy Minister for Tourism and Environment of Albania Ornela Çuçi:
“Ecosystem based approach for climate adaptation in Kune Vain Lagoon, Lezha, Albania”

Doctor P. Veleni – Adam:
“Climate Change versus Archaelogical Sites and Monuments: an unequal battle”

Professor P. Koundouri:
“The Socio-Economic Value of Culture: Estimating Climate Change Effects”

Journée 2.
CCICH 2019, June 22, Zappeion Megaron, Athens, Greece


A. Potts, JD, Co-Chair, ICOMOS, Climate Change and Heritage Working Group

Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change of Republic of Malta J. Herrera:
“Impacts of climate change on cultural heritage: The Role of Policy Makers”

G. Boccardi:
“An Overview of UNESCO’s Action on Climate Change and the Role of Cultural Heritage”

Directorate Generale, Landscape Architect S.I.Jaresova:
“Impact of climate changes on cultural heritage in Czech Republic”

A. Potts, JD, Co-Chair, ICOMOS, Climate Change and Heritage Working Group:
“Mobilizing the cultural heritage sector for climate action: an introduction to the ICOMOS Climate Change and Heritage Working Group”


D. Scarlett:
“Finding feasible and effective climate change adaptation measures for national historic sites managed by Parks Canada”

V. Tornari:
“Preventive impact assessment strategy by monitoring deformation threshold for early risk assessment”

G. Padeletti:
“HERACLES Project: Mission and Vision to face the CC Challenge

Professor A. Papandreou:
“Conceptualizing the value of culture”

Senior Lecturer E. Kyriakidis:
“Some adaptation measures mitigating the impact of climate change on heritage”

Director, Ecole Francaise d’ Athenes A. Farnoux:
“Delos: un ensemble immobilier menace par le changement climatique”

President of the Acropolis Museum D. Pandermalis:
“The floods of Mt. Olympus and the archeological site of Dion”

Professor Ch. Zerefos:
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Markos Bolaris

CCICH 2019, PRESS CONFERENCE, June 22, Zappeion Megaron, Athens, Greece

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Markos Bolaris
Secretary General of Ministry of Culture and Sports, Mrs. Maria Andreadaki – Vlazaki
President of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference, Mr. Christos Zerefos
President of the Acropolis Museum, Mr. D. Pantermalis
Professor in the Economics Department of the University of Athens, Mr. A. Papandreou
Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent, Mr. E. Kyriakidis
Conference Coordinator, Ambassador, Mrs. Ekaterini Loupas