Climate change impacts on cultural heritage: Facing the challenge

Tornari Vivi

She  studied  Optical  Holography  at  the  Royal  Art  College  of  London  (RCA,  Royal)  in  the  interdisciplinary department with the Imperial College of Science in London (ICSTM, Imperial) with a European and British scholarship. Master of the NTUA and PhD of the University of Sunderland. He has been working since May 1996 as special research staff at IESL / FORTH. It has brought to IESL the new structural diagnosis activity in heritage research and, through intensive personal work, has soon developed the Applied Holography lab, claiming an active role in shaping new technologies in research on cultural heritage and investigation and control procedures in documentation mobile and stationary laser works. He has envisioned, networked, authored, and competitively won major European projects that he coordinated as Project Coordinator from FP5-FP6, and coordinated and co- coordinated as a coordinator / work package leader / task leader, many European programs from FP4-FP7. At the same time, she has won many international and European transnational partnerships as well as Greek competing programs PABET and PENED. She has been offering her services for a long time as an EC commissioner. Author and co-author of 110 scientific publications in journals, books, conference volumes, educational seminars, videos, CDs, etc. Scientific member of optical engineers and cultural scientific communities and organizations as well as international conferences.

Visiting Professor at the University of Shanghai, Department of Micromechanics and Automation

Visiting Researcher at the C2RMF Lab, Louvre Museum in Paris.