Climate change impacts on cultural heritage: Facing the challenge

Qirjo Mihallaq

MQirjo photo
  1. Name: MIHALLAQ
  2. Family name: QIRJO
  3. Place of Birth: Tirana
  4. Education: Biologist / Ecologist – Prof. Assoc. PhD.
Institution [Period] Title:
Tirana University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Biology Integrated Diploma “Biology”

No. 5720, date 30.06.1990

Tirana University, Faculty of

Natural Sciences

Dep. of Biology

“PhD on Biology” date 19.07.1996

Title  “Data  on  population  dynamics  of  soil  fauna  and  impacts  of ecological factors in two green houses of Tirana district”

Ministry of Education, Albania Prof. Assoc. – November 2004


  1. Employment


Tirana University, Faculty of

Natural Sciences

Dep. of Biology

1. Lecturer “Ecology” at Bachelor Study Program of Biology Course

2.   Lecturer   Ecology   of   Ecosystems”  at   Master   Study  Program  of

Environmental Biology Course

from 1990-2019 – Lecturer and leading research on Ecology in Depatment of

Biology. More info:

Resource Environmental

Center Albania

(REC Albania)

1.     Director

from 1994-2019: Country Director of the Regional Environmental Center, Country Office Albania) More info:

from  2016-2017:  Acting  Deputy  Executive  Director  of  the  Regional

Environmental Center, Hungary. More info:


  1. Publications

Books, student study texts, scripts, guidelines : Over ten students books for Biology and

Ecology courses


  1. Scientific Articles

More than 30 scientific articles published on national and internationals scientific magazines on the fields of population dynamics, environmental management, environmental education, ecotoxicology. More information on

Lead three PhD theses on the period 2008-2016 on zoo-geography and ecology of Julidae myriapods, Culex mosquitos and educations standards of environmental education.


  1. Scientific Projects:

More than 50 different projects with contribution as Project Director or Senior expert In Albania and Western Balkan on field of Biodiversity, Waste Management, and environmental Education. A selected list of latest/current projects includes:

2017-2019: Ecosystem based approach for climate adaptation in Kune Vain, Senior Research Expert, Tirana University, UNEP, Ministry of Tourism and Environment Albania

2017-2018: National Strategy on Integrated Waste Management for Albania 2018-2033, Team leader, REC Albania, GIZ, Ministry of Tourism and Environment

2015-2019: CRESSIDA – Building Local Community Resilience for Sustainable Development in International Watersheds such as the Drini and Drina River Basins”, Project manager for the regional project in Western Balkans, REC, US EPA


  1. Other memberships

Active member in Albanian environmental society; board member in several non-for-profits organisations for environment, women and youth rights; member of several elected commissions (Albanian Radio Television RTSH, Ethical Commission of Tirana University).