Climate change impacts on cultural heritage: Facing the challenge

Taalas Petteri


Prof Dr Petteri Taalas has been the Secretary-General of WMO since 1 January 2016. He was first appointed by the World Meteorological Congress in 2015 for a four-year term. He has been reappointed for a second four year term as SG starting Jan 2020 by the 18th World Meteorological Congress.


Director General, Finnish Meteorological Institute, 2007–2015 and 2002–2005

Director, WMO Development and Regional Activities Department, 2005–2007

Research professor remote sensing, 2000–2002, and Head of research, Scientist, 1986-1999, leader of ozone research unit

International activities and memberships

Member of WMO Executive Council since 2008 and European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) Council 2002–2005, 2007 to present

Chairman of EUMETSAT Council 2010–2014 and EUMETNET Council 2003–2005

Delegate of Finland to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  2007–2015

National activities and memberships

Chairman of the board, University of Eastern Finland since 2010

Alumnus of the year of University of Helsinki 2012

Member of the Finnish Science Academy since 2010, Advisory board of Fortum Energy Company (turnover 6.2 bn €) and of the Finnish Space and Arctic boards 2003–2005, 2009 to present

University and other degrees

PhD in Meteorology, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics, 1993

Management, Executive Education, Helsinki School of Economics, 1998 and 2004

List of publications

Author of ~50 peer-reviewed papers on satellite technology, global change, climate & atmospheric chemistry, dozens of other publications & presentations.