Climate change impacts on cultural heritage: Facing the challenge

Lekkas Efthymis

Professor of Dynamic Tectonic Applied Geology (since 2004) with the Department of Dynamic Tectonic Applied Geology, Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Graduate of Geology (1979) and PhD in Earth Sciences (1988) of the University of Athens. Appointed to the University of Athens in 1982.

He has taught the subjects of Tectonics, Structural Geology, Geological Mapping, Earth mass-movements, Microtectonics, Environmental Geology, Seismotectonics, Disaster Management, Tectonics, Remote Sensing, Land Use, Environmental Management at graduate and post-graduate level. He has organized more than 120 student field exercises.

Supervisor of numerous M.Sc. theses and doctorate dissertations. Scientific lectures as invited Professor to Universities of Germany, England, Turkey and New Zealand.

Scientific Co-ordinator of distance-learning (e-learning) projects on the subjects of Disaster Management and Environmental Protection and the training of professionals and instructors.

Author and publisher of 12 scientific books and handnotes. The books entitled "Natural and Technological Disaster" and “Geology and Environment” are unique in Greece and is taught in seven Academic Institutions.

More than 300 scientific papers on the subjects of Tectonics , Environmental Geology, Seismotectonics, Earthquake Protection, Natural Disaster Management, Waste Management and Water Resources, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Land Use Planning, etc. A significant number of papers involve research work in Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Turkey, India, Algeria, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, China, Haiti, New Zealand, Nepal and Mexico. Hundreds of citations on the published papers.

Awarded by the Academy of Athens in 1989 for the scientific work "Geodynamic evolution of the Koziakas mountain range and the incorporation of the West Thessaly Unit in the formation of Tethys". Scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation and the Academy of Athens.

Scientific coordinator of more than 300 Greek, European and International research projects on the subjects of: Earthquake Protection Planning and Organization of Urban Complexes, Reclamation of Sites of Uncontrolled Waste Disposal, Earthquake Protection and Planning of Infrastructure Works, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Management, Water Management, etc.

President and member of organization committees and scientific committees of Greek and international conferences. Referee in international scientific magazines.

Participation in operational missions dealing with the disasters of Kalamata (1986), Kyllini (1988-1989), Milos Island (1992), Pyrgos (1992), Grevena (1995), Aigio (1995), Corinth (1997), Athens (1999), Lefkada (2000), Kythira Island (2006), Andravida (2008), Ihalia (2011), Kallidromo (2013), Istiea (2013), Rhodes Island (2013), Kefalonia Island (2014), Lefkada Island (2015), Neapoli (2015), Ioannina (2016), Amynteon (2017), Lesvos Island (2017), Chios Island (2017), Kithyra Island (2017), Zakynthos Island (2017) and Mandra, Attica (2017), East Attica (2018), Zakynthos Island (2018), Plomari Lesvos Island (2018).

Coordination of national and international search and rescue missions, technical assistance, scientific research and humanitarian aid in the large scale disasters of San Jose (Central America, 1994), Kobe (Japan, 1995), Dinar (Turkey,1995), Umbria (Italy, 1997), Adana (Turkey, 1998), Chi-Chi (Taiwan, 1999), Izmit & Duzce, (Turkey, 1999), Gujarat (India, 2001), Apulia (Italy, 2002), Bingol (Turkey, 2003), Boumerdes-Zemmouri (Algeria, 2003), the countries of the Indian Ocean (Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, 2004), Kashmir (Pakistan, 2005), Sichuan (China, 2008), Aquila (Italy, 2009), Port-au-Prince (Haiti, 2010) Christchurch (New Zealand, 2011), Tohoku (Japan, 2011), Van (Turkey, 2011), Emilia Romagna (Italy, 2012), Kathmandu (Nepal, 2015), Amatrice (Italy, 2016), South Italy (Italy, 2016), Ischia (Italy, 2017), Mexico City (Mexico, 2017), Hualien (Taiwan, 2018) and Hilauea (Hawaii, 2018), Cusco (Peru, 2018), Palu and Sunda Strait (Indonesia 2018).

  • Vice President (2010-2014) and President of the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (2014-).
  • Director of the Laboratory of Tectonic Geology and Geological Mapping (2011-2014).
  • Director of the Sector of Dynamic, Tectonic and Applied Geology of the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment (2012-2016).
  • Director of the Laboratory of Natural Disasters’ Research and Management (2014-2017).
  • Director of the Postgraduate Studies Program "Environment, Disaster & Crisis Management Strategies” (2014 -).
  • President of the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2017 -).
  • Vice President (2011-2014) and President (2014-) of the European Center on Prevention and Forecasting of Earthquakes of the European Committee.
  • President of the Geological Society of Greece (2012-2015).
  • Deputy President of the Special Scientific Committee for the monitoring of Santorini Volcano (2012-).
  • Vice President of the Research Committee of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, Local Government Institute (2014 -).
  • National Representative at the Third World Conference of the United Nations on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan (2015).
  • Vice President of the Research Committee of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2014-).
  • Vice President of the Scientific Committee for the Assessment of the short-term evolution of Seismicity (2010-).
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (2000-2004), the Geological Society of Greece (1990-2000) and the Society of Thessalian Studies (1992-1996).
  • Member of scientific societies, scientific committees, advisory boards, the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP), the State Scholarships Foundation, etc.
  • Member and scientific advisor of Non-Governmental Organizations for environmental protection, humanitarian aid and education.

He has given hundreds of lectures, as invited speaker, in Greece and abroad.

He has published numerous articles in domestic newspapers and magazines and international press.