Climate change impacts on cultural heritage: Facing the challenge

Argyropoulos Vasilike

Vasilike Argyropoulos is a Professor at the University of West Attica, Dept. of Conservation of Antiquities & Works of Art. She has conducted post-doctoral research in conservation science since 1993 at the Historic Resource Conservation Branch (Parks Canada), the Canadian Conservation Institute (1994-1997), and ARC’Antique, Nantes and ARC'Nucléart, Grenoble in France (1997-1998) concerning in-situ conservation of shipwrecks at Fathom Five National Marine Park, the corrosion of marine iron, and the use of corrosion inhibitors for treating iron including waterlogged iron-wood materials. Between October 2000-March 2002, she was an academic co-ordinator and lecturer for the postgraduate Diploma course in Marine Archaeological Conservation, Conservation Studies, Vantaa, Finland.

She was the Convenor of CEN/TC 346 WG2, Materials constituting cultural property (2006-2012), and is a board member for ENCoRE (European Network for Conservation- Restoration Education), and believes strongly in the standardization of conservation practices and education throughout Europe in order to achieve trans-national mobility and quality assurance in the field of conservation of cultural property. She has co-ordinated many European and International projects related to conservation of antiquity in the Europe and the Arab region, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Syria. Her main project was PROMET, EC 6th FP project No. 509126, Developing new analytical techniques and materials for monitoring and protecting metal artefacts from the Mediterranean region with 21 partners (2004-2008),
and the EC Culture Programme No. 160674-CU-1-2009, Witness the past: educational programs for the public and CH professionals on illicit trafficking of antiquities (2010-2012). Her most recent national funded research project dealt with research on the corrosion and in- situ monitoring of iron shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea (2013-2015).